Lady With The Dragon Tattoo... Spandex Leggings

While these are not nearly as cool (or expensive) as a full-body tattoo, these leggings are an amazingly attention-getting conversation starter! The art style follows classic dragon tattoo lines, red and blue dragons intertwine in this stunning design. Manufacturer not responsible for loss of altitude if you tell the dragons their true name during flight.

This extraordinary spandex print has gorgeous dragon tattoo-style images that will show your legs off in an eye-poppingly amazing way!


Like all Tasty Tiger products, these spandex leggings were designed and made with care right here in the USA.         

To keep your spandex looking its best, hand wash with gentle soap and hang to dry.  Spandex may also be machine washed with gentle detergent in a net bag, treat as delicates/lingerie.

Category: Leggings

Type: Spandex Leggings

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