"Oh Rainbow!" Oh dear

Oh Dear! We got a bad batch of fabric that is not color fast. This means that these leggings will run and possibly stain other clothing items if washed together. That's why they're at a deep discount.

Oh, Rainbow!  Show your colorful side with all of the colors of... well, you know. These are the only leggings on the planet certified by genuine unicorns! Our rainbow print leggings are made with pure refracted light and are guaranteed to lead to a figurative pot of gold. Unicorn certification documents can be provided on request for a small additional fee.

Like all Tasty Tiger products, these spandex leggings were designed and made with care right here in the USA. 

Designer: Tonya Winter

To keep your spandex looking its best, hand wash with gentle soap and hang to dry.  Spandex may also be machine washed with gentle detergent in a net bag, treat as delicates/lingerie.


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